Family and passion

The agricultural holding “Uliveti Bàrbera”, located in the area of Andria (BT), at “Contrada Rivera”, has a total surface area of around 18 hectares, with plants of eighty years of mean age. Founded and originally managed by the forefather Giuseppe De Corato, owner of the entire Contrada Rivera extended by total 750 hectares.

The judge Nicola Barbera.
Luigi Barbera.
Bàrbera family's estate.
Our olive groves.

The olive grove comes from the partition to the heirs of a vast estate owned the above-mentioned ancestor. This cultivation has been initially improved and updated by the paternal grandfather dr. Riccardo Bàrbera, an high judge, continued and increased by dr. Nicola Bàrbera, he too an high judge and father of the present owner, passionate of olive growing like the ancestors and founder of the trademark “Uliveti Bàrbera”.

Here, on eighteen hectares of modernly irrigated olive grove, 2100 plants find their location. The property is enlisted in the “DOP Terra di Bari” olive growing register, “Castel del Monte” subsection, and it’s an organic run farm.

The love for our land is reflected in the quality of our products, result of our commitment to work and craftsmanship of the production processes. Luigi Bàrbera

From the 2015/16 production season the olive oil is certified BIO, and following rigorous disciplinary provisions it’s packaged in elegant cans and bottles with its own trade mark “Uliveti Bàrbera”.

The organic EVO “Uliveti Bàrbera” in the recent years has received numerous awards, following the path traced by Nicola Bàrbera. This exquisite EVO olive oil is obtained by three different cultivars: 80% “Coratina”, 10% “Ogliarola” and 10% “Leccina”, all harvested from the family land.

The fruits are gathered with modern mechanical system and cold-pressed in the millstone within 24 hours, in order to leave unaltered the vitamin contents and obtain a product with an extremely low level of acidity with superior organoleptic qualities. The oil is intentionally unfiltered, with greenish tints, distinctive taste and slightly spicy, ideal for all kind of dishes, particularly for those of the Mediterranean tradition. In the last years the “Uliveti Bàrbera” Extra Virgin has been selected and included in many of the best gourmet guides.

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Our certifications

An Olive oil producer can accompany his products with precious recognitions, thereby ensuring the loyalty of those customers with more specific food requirements. As prized Olive oil producer we decided to adopt the Kosher certification, with the purpose of producing food in compliance with the Kosher food standards.

The safety and quality of the products, are today the cornerstones for both the producer and the consumer. Although the nationals and internationals regulations actively contribute to guarantee the aforementioned safety, it is not always sufficient. Thanks to the collaboration with the independent inspection body Bioagricert, we believe to give an additional assurance regarding the production requirements along the whole food supply chain, from seed to the bottle. Bioagricert is a Certification Body of organic productions and product quality.

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