The extravirgin Bio olive oil from Trani: Uliveti Bàrbera

The organic extra virgin olive oil “Uliveti Barbera” is marketed in elegant dark glass bottles of 0.25 Lt and 0.75 lt, as well as 3 Lt and 5 Lt cans. It has a medium fruited flavor derived from a wise blend of cultivars: 80% Coratina, 10% Ogliarola, 10% Leccina.

The product is purposely unfiltered to preserve all the organoleptic properties: greenish color, strong flavor, slightly spicy taste with scents of artichoke and fresh cut grass. It goes well with all the preparations, particularly for those of the Mediterranean tradition, fresh salads, mixed bean.

Our extravirgin olive oil in the world

Recognized, certified and especially appreciated: the quality of our extra virgin olive oil met many palates and made countless lunches and dinners even more pleasant and made up convivial moments.

``Slow Food`` taste market.
``Slow Food`` taste market.
London — Made in Italy fair.
Londra — Made in Italy fair.
Olio Capitale — Trieste.
Olio Capitale — Trieste.
Azienda agricola dott. Luigi Barbera
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